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Annual Roundtable with the MSPP

Over 35 leaders from the MSPP and Project Santé engage in reflective conversation
Dr. Belotte, head liaison from the MSPP, encouraging continued constructive collaboration between the MSPP and Project Santé

On December 4-5, 2019, over twenty national and departmental leaders from the MSPP, the Haitian Ministry of Health, met with leaders from Project Santé to reflect on the successes and opportunities for growth from the second year of project implementation. 


The MSPP noted how present they feel Project Santé staff are in their hospitals and clinics and how satisfied they are with all of the infrastructure improvements in health centers.


Throughout the two days, many leaders from the MSPP expressed “nous sommes en famille” – we are amoung family – as they honestly and openly discussed improvements and challenges of project implementation.  As opportunities for growth were discussed – continued integration with MSPP staff, avoiding unintended consequences, and identifying continuing training needs – there was a real sense of mutual ownership over project goals.


“Thank you for the unconditional support,” Dr. Jean Baptiste, a Regional Director for Hinche, expressed.  Many others echoed appreciation for the flexibility and ways Project Santé has quickly adapted strategies to help support the national health system.  For example, one MSPP regional director cited support from Project Santé for a catch-up vaccination campaign, while another person praised Project Santé for helping with emergency response and mobilization of materials in a flooded region of the country. 


The roundtable could be characterized as two days of thoughtful collaboration that illustrated the mutual respect and depth of relationships between the MSPP and Project Santé leadership teams.

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