Maternal and Child Health

In Haiti, there is a saying: “Women are the centerpiece.” That is to say, it is women who maintain family and society. At Project Santé, we believe in the importance of women in ensuring the health of the entire community.

The Santé Project helps sites in the creation and implementation of mother clubs. Mother clubs work for pregnant women and women with babies. Each club meets once in a while to create connections between women and to discuss relevant topics. For example, in pregnant women, women discuss pregnancy, breastfeeding, sexual health, how to care for the baby, etc. At women’s and babies’ clubs, women discuss family planning, children’s development, and discipline. Since women go to a site to participate in the clinics, we ensure that women get health care: pregnant women do all prenatal consultations, women and babies make sure all children get vaccinated doses, etc. We believe that since women are more aware of their health and their children’s health, they will share the information in communities.

In addition, maternal health at Project Santé provides materials and training for sites. For example, sonograms are provided with site-trained training to help them know that a birth is in danger and that medical personnel can ensure that neither mother nor baby dies in childbirth. We work with Impact Youth projects and sites to ensure that all pregnant women get an HIV test and that all positive women have the support they need.