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Prepared for the Elements

152 community health workers with new tools to support their work through the rainy season
Departmental Director, Dr. Jean Baptiste Denis, reinforcing the importance of community health workers’ role in the project

The « Centre » department in Haiti is a region that can experience tremendous rainfall.  During rainy season, some zones in this department can experience over an inch of rain a day that causes flash flooding and mudslides.

Determined not to let any elements – including rain storms – stop them from vaccinating children, giving training on nutrition or family planning, or refering community members in need of health services, the community health agents in this department met on December 23, 2019 to receive boots, raincoats, waterproof training materials, and waterproof bags.  

Led by Projet Santé, with the participation of 152 community health agents and 6 municipal nurses, everyone involved was satisfied with the material distribution which will allow community health agents to reach larger numbers of people, access more difficult and vulnerable areas, and protect important documents.  « These materials will help us better facilitate our work in communities so we can serve them even better, » explained one community agent.

Departmental Director, Dr. Jean Baptiste Denis, participated in the day by thanking and congratulating community health agents for their dedication, and reminding them of their big objectives. 

As rainy season appraoches, these community health agents are prepared and ready to cross rivers, trudge through mud, and brave the elements to ensure that community mobilzation is maximized.

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