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Sonogram machines: reducing infant and mother mortality rates

A smiling Carline Baptiste holding her newborn daughter – both mom and baby are healthy.
Project Santé has distributed over 20 sonogram machines to hospitals countrywide and trained over 40 doctors in midwives in the past year.

It was late February – the week of her due date – and with perfect timing, Carline Baptiste’s contractions started.  She went to CS Marmelade, a hospital in Artibonite serving over 400 pregnant women annually, having made it to full term.  


As Baptiste began to delivery her baby, the medical staff on site quickly realized that the labor was not progressing according to her contractions.  The team at CS Marmalade used sonogram equipment they were given and trained to use by Project Santé, and this revealed that the baby was in a transversal position.  After an attempt to maneuver the position of the baby failed, the team put Ms. Baptiste into an ambulance where she was rapidly transferred to Hôpital la Providence des Gonaives, and given an emergency C-section.  Shortly after arriving at HPG, Baptiste delivered a healthy daughter.  


Dr. Calistin Dieudonne, director of CS Marmalade, said, “Because of the sonogram we are able to diagnose maternity problems earlier, and early diagnoses means better outcomes for the mother and baby.  In this case, we saved the baby’s life.”


In the past, in the case of Carline Baptiste, without a skilled physician on site to maneuver the baby or understand the baby’s problematic positioning, hospital sites without ultra sound machines would have proceeded with the delivery on site and the chances of infant or mother mortality would have been high.


In the past year, however, Project Santé has delivered over 20 sonograms to different hospital sites across the country and led training for over 40 doctors and midwives at these respective sites.  For every Ms. Baptiste, there are hundreds more stories of how this equipment is saving the lives of women and infants in Haiti. 

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